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Many people get behind on the filing of business and/or personal tax returns.  We have years of experience in helping in processing the information necessary to get you current with your filings.  We also can assist by communicating with the IRS and State taxing authorities and setting up payment plans when necessary.

It can be very nerve racking for clients to have to deal with this but what we have found is the the IRS and states are more than willing to work with you within your means to get caught up.  We have helped many, many clients eliminate the worry and stress by getting current on their taxes.  Let us help you!

In the small business area, a roadblock to getting late tax returns filed is the boxes of paperwork that need to be sorted, analyzed and compiled into meaningful numbers.  We can offer specific tips and tools to make this easier or you can ship your boxes to us and we'll do all of the work.  Once your bookkeeping is caught up, we can then prepare financial statements and the required tax returns.  An added benefit in this is that you will have your documentation organized and substantiation sorted and filed so that if you are ever audited your paperwork will be ready to go!  And of course once your bookkeeping is current you will not only eliminate the stress of being behind but will then have access to key financial information going forward.  Understanding what is profitable and what is costing you money, how to better manage your debt and other information is crucial as you expand or just manage your business operations.


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