• Tax Planning Services



  • Small business owners are generally not tax experts – they must rely on tax professionals for advice and guidance. As your business grows, it is imperative that you develop plans to legally minimize your taxes. These tax savings can be reinvested in your business or used for other purposes.

    We have represented many new clients over the years who have come to us with IRS audits or issues and the reason is generally that they had no tax advice or poor advice. Proper tax planning is not only designed and intended to minimize taxes, but to also keep you in compliance with Federal and State tax laws.

    Tax Planning Services include:

    • Review or set up of entity taxation type that best fits your business.
    • Review of transactions and business flow to determine any financial decisions that might reduce taxes – such as the purchase of equipment at year end.
    • Review of reasonable owner salary requirements.
    • Advanced planning for business owners with multiple entities or business operations