Tax Preparation Services

Jeffrey D. Ressler, CPA & Associates handles all levels of tax preparation — from simple individual tax returns to complex business tax returns.   The more complex tax returns require a thorough review of the individual’s or the company’s situation to legally minimize taxes.  This is where advanced tax planning is needed.

Personal Income Tax

We prepare and file all types of individual tax returns including very basic and simple returns to very complex ones. Many individuals file complex individual tax returns without owning a business. Often, proper tax planning can result in significant tax savings. There are numerous situations and examples, all of which need specialized review and care. Some individuals have extensive investment portfolios or rental properties. Others have significant employee business expenses that can be deducted to reduce taxes or casualty loss deductions. Each situation is different and should be handled as such. There is no cookie cutter approach to proper individual tax preparation and planning.

Business Income Tax

On the business income tax side, we offer a full menu of services at one location. Many clients engage us to handle their bookkeeping, payroll and tax needs. This provides us with the best opportunity to advise and offer tax planning strategies for the business owner’s business and personal taxes. It also helps with the other important aspect of tax preparation – compliance. Compliance is making sure that your tax returns, personal, business, payroll, are all filed accurately and timely. The best way to reduce or eliminate tax issues is to stay in compliance with all Federal and State tax laws and requirements.

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