• Testimonials

  • When it comes to CPAs, Jeff Ressler is the BEST! He is very knowledgeable and has the ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. I have worked with Jeff for several years and plan to continue for many more. I would recommend his services very highly. Jeff and Abi are both a pleasure to work with.

    Rating: Mary Sell

  • I've been a very, very satisfied client for several years now and will absolutely be a customer for life. Time and again Jeff has gone "above and beyond" what I would expect my accountant to do. He's helped me out in more than one very time-sensitive tax issue and I can't thank him enough. To do business with Jeff is to gain not only THE best accountant I've ever known, but also someone who will always have your back. Jeff is very responsive to your needs, very professional and very much a pleasure to deal with. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jeff's assistant Abi. Abi is one of the nicest, most helpful, kind and decent people you could ever hope to meet. Like attracts like and she is the perfect person to compliment Jeff's amazing accounting skills. To summarize: 1. I love these guys. 2. You will NEVER find a better accountant to work for you. 3. What are you waiting for? Go hire Jeff and you'll be very glad you did!

    Rating: Frank Garon

  • Jeff was referred to me from a 'Tax-Planning', year-long course, I took many years ago. With me living in North Carolina and Jeff being in Florida, I thought to myself...'How am I going to manage this'...'Is it a good idea / beneficial for me to have a CPA, three states away?'....Well, that was 7 years ago...so what do you think?!!! If you have someone on your team, like Jeff Ressler, who is basically a 'work-a-holic' during tax-season (I've called the office on a Sunday afternoon to leave a message and low & behold, Jeff answers the phone!! Unbelievable!!) Not only does Jeff (and Abi...cant leave her out!!) do excellent work, very relaible, meets dead-lines, but his knowledge accounts for something, too!! His knowledge of the tax-code and some of the 'hidden' loop-holes are exemplary. Lastly, I have worked with and known Jeff for 7 years & he has done a phenomenal job for my business taxes and personal tax returns!! I can say enough good words about Jeff and his staff team!!

    Rating: Mike Lushene

  • Jeff has been my accountant for years and I have used both for my personal taxes as well as for my business. From the complex to the mundane, Jeff has an eye for detail and he always comes up with the best solutions. If you are looking for an accountant that is sharp, reliable and trustworthy, Jeff is your man!

    Rating: Steven Clark

  • I have used Jeff's services to manage my personal and business tax planning needs the past 10+ years. Jeff and his staff are the ultimate professionals, constantly updating their knowledge with never-ending regulatory changes. Jeff easily guides & services my complex family and business's requirements. They are consummate professional organization!

    Rating: Mark Bergner

  • I've been a very, very satisfied client for several years now and will absolutely be a customer for life. Abi and Jeff definitely go beyond for their clients and are very special people!

    Rating: Venessa Redman

  • My Experience with Jeff and his staff has been just short of perfection. How we met from 4 states away....to hard to remember but it does show that you don't have to be in his back yard local to obtain his services. I am in Louisiana and he of course is in Florida. We have been together i am nods Jeff's knowledge and professional business acumen, sets him head and shoulders above the rest locally and nationally and when speaking to his clients he keeps it on their level of understanding knowing that it can be overwhelming. In summary, i would recommend Jeff and his staff to anyone locally and nationally thank you my friends always, Jim Gremillion

    Rating: Jimmy Gremillion

  • Jeff and his staff are smart, competent, and dedicated. After 6 years of taking care of my business and personal accounting, I can recommend them with no reservations. It's easy to find an accountant, but finding a good one can be a real challenge. If you've found Jeff and his crew, you've found one of the best.

    Rating: Timothy Todd

  • I have used Jeffrey Ressler and his firm for my taxes for almost a decade now and I have found Jeffrey and his staff to be prompt, courteous and so very professional! They always answer my questions in a timely manner as well as knowing who to talk to in the IRS to assist with any issues/problems. I would highly recommend him as a CPA and I will continue to use his firm for my tax returns!

    Rating: Jeff Ramsey

  • Jeffrey Ressler has been my CPA in Boca Raton for a few years now and his tax advice has been invaluable for me personally, as well as for my business. One area that he helped me with was in dealing with the IRS when I owed back taxes. He knew how to get my tax issues resolved and he’s very good at talking with them so I didn’t have to. I am now caught up and it is such a relief. Because I trust Jeff as my accountant and we have a good working relationship, I’m going to have his firm also handle my business bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. It means a lot to have a CPA I can trust.

    Rating: Carol O