Tax Relief

The team of tax professionals at Jeffrey D. Ressler, CPA & Associates has years of tax resolution experience and delivers top services and solutions to any IRS and state compliance difficulties with tax debt, fines, bank levies, and liens. Call immediately for a free consultation and to get tax relief help with your unpaid taxes and IRS problems.

What is Tax relief?

Millions of individual American taxpayers have fallen behind on their tax payments to the IRS at some point in their lives. It can be frightening to be in debt to the IRS, but don’t worry, and don’t lose faith — there are tax relief solutions available, and we can help you reach an arrangement with the IRS. Our skilled specialists can help you navigate tax audits, minimize your tax burden, and avoid wage garnishments and bank levies using proven tactics.

In some situations, you may be able to settle your tax arrears for a fraction of what you owe, depending on your income limit or household income. Jeffrey D. Ressler, CPA & Associates is a tax relief company that is ready to be your devoted resource for saving you the most money while settling your IRS debt in the quickest time period possible.

What relief does it include?

Tax relief covers the following areas:

  • File back taxes – If you have not filed a tax return for past years, we get your back income tax returns caught up.
  • IRS audit – if you are being audited, we provide audit representation with the IRS.
  • Tax resolution – if you owe a large debt to the state or federal government, we will work on a form of tax relief that you can live with to resolve the issues. This could be an Offer in Compromise or looking at IRS payment plans.

tax relief from a tax relief company

Do I qualify for tax relief?

The United States tax code is extremely difficult to understand. Many Americans wind up owing the IRS a significant amount of money, and great majority of them find themselves owing the IRS more than they can afford to pay. This can put an individual in a very bad situation, since the IRS is the most powerful collection agency on the planet. They have the power to seize your home and/or bank accounts, garnish your pay, and do a whole host of additional things that no other collection agency has the capability of doing.

You usually have two options: either pay the full amount right away or pay it back in monthly installments with interest and penalties. There are other ways to resolve your debt, we will work to find the best form of tax relief for you, which could be an IRS payment plan.

Financial freedom

No one is ever prepared to get a notice from the IRS stating that they owe a lot more money from a tax return. It doesn’t matter how it happened, you need someone who will fight to safeguard your life, your home, and your business now more than ever. Call us today at 561-237-5264 for tax relief and peace of mind.

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